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Voice training &Education

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What Our Students Have to Say

Vocalcare Online Classes have been genuinely useful/helpful - I love the song development class. They have been helpful cos now it is easy for me to write bridge for a song. - From Song development I realised that there are other source that can inspire one to write songs.
Sade Glowrie (Recording Artiste)
From Nigeria
The voice workout sessions has helped me with my pitch challenges. It has addressed another of interest for me - Song writing.
Minister Pemi (Singer/ Songwriter)
From Nigeria
Vocalcare Online exercises have helped in yuning my ears to pick the notes more accurately. I learnt from the the breathing exercises how to breathe when singing. I am also developing how to sing more audibly. I tried projecting the other day as learnt from the sessions. I enjoyed what I sang.
Oluwayomi Awe. (Singer)
From Nigeria
I have learnt to work on my voice daily to ensure great results. I use the vocal warmups sent to me. I have learnt to listen diversely and intently beyond the melody and lyrics, and I have been able to encounter some amazing singers and their great techniques.
Olufunke Oyinlola
From Lagos, Nigeria